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Konzou-ji Temple

The Pine Tree at Which General Nogi Sent Away His Wife



When General Nogi Maresuke took up his new post as the first commander of the 11th Infantry Brigade in Zentsuji city, he stayed in Konzou-ji Temple as his lodging. On New Year’s Eve in 1898, his wife Shizuko visited him from Tokyo; however, he sent her away without seeing her. Being at a loss, Shizuko lingered by herself in the shade of a little pine tree. Then, she considered her husband’s feelings and left for home. This became an anecdote, as it shows a spirit of soldier’s in the Meiji period. Later, the pine tree under which the wife stayed for a while became to be called the “pine tree at which general Nogi sent away his wife”.

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1160 Konzouji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture