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Konzou-ji Temple

Soshido Hall (Daishido Hall)

soshido daishido


The Soshido Hall (hall of founders of a sect) of Konzou-ji Temple is the one and only temple in which five founders are enshrined among the Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage to 88 Sacred Places. A statue of Chisho Daishi in the center of the hall, a statue of Denkyo Daishi on the right with a statue of Kobo Daishi behind of it, a statue of Tendai Daishi on the left with a statue of Jinben Daibosatsu (miraculous great Bodhisattva) behind of it are enshrined. The existing building originally used to be the Kondo Golden Hall and was transferred to its current location in 1982 to serve as the Soshido Hall. It was built in 1769 (Meiwa 6) and was a large-size Sangen (three intercolumnar length) Hall, characteristic of the mid-Edo period. Ikken-dori (one intercolumnar length) at the front has no walls in order to make its structural parts visible. The small square hall which is the original Daishido (Soshido) still remains at the back of the current Soshido.

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1160 Konzouji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture