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Zentsu-ji Tanjo-in Birthplace Complex (West Temple)

Gomado Hall for Burning Cedar Sticks



This is the Gomado Hall for Burning Cedar Sticks; it is a registered tangible cultural property. The current building was built in 1940; it enshrines Fudo Myo-o (also known as Acala, the God of Fire). A seated statue of Fudo Myo-o is enshrined on top of the altar in the hall’s center. Another altar for burning holy sticks of invocation is set up to face the statue, and this is where worshippers perform the “goma” Buddhist rite of burning cedar sticks before an idol to ask for blessings. Goma is a secret Esoteric Buddhist teaching, and it is practiced in dedication to Fudo Myo-o. A fire is lit in the hearth on top of the altar, and goma sticks with prayers written on them are thrown onto the hearth and burnt in prayer. The wishes and prayers written on the goma sticks are purified by the flames, and the smoke from the burnt sticks is said to reach the Buddhas above.

Designated Section

Registered tangible cultural property



Showa Period; Showa 15 (1940)


3-3-1 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture