Slow Walk Illustrated Guide


Zentsu-ji Tanjo-in Birthplace Complex (West Temple)

Mikage Pond



This is the Mikage Pond. It is the pond in the garden of the Saeki family home, when they lived here in the past. When Kobo Daishi (Kukai) was studying abroad in Tang China, he made himself appear as a reflection on the pond’s surface. He then created a self image and gave it to his mother. This is how the pond came to be called Mikage (reflection) Pond. Enshrined in the center of the pond is a seated statue of the Bodhisattva Maitreya the founder of the Tushita (one of the six heavens of the desire realm), which is where Kobo Daishi is said to reside after entering a state of calm concentration. It is surrounded by a statue of Kobo Daishi during his ascetic practices, and a statue of his parents.

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3-3-1 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture