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Zentsu-ji Tanjo-in Birthplace Complex (West Temple)

Standing Statue of Vaisravana



This is a standing statue of Vaisravana, which is a designated cultural property of Kagawa Prefecture. "Vaisravana" is one of the Four Heavenly Kings that protect Buddhism, and he is also referred to as "Tamonten." He is often individually venerated as a deity of victory in battle and of good fortune, and he exhibits a furious expression and is massive in stature. The head and torso of this statue have been carved out of a single block, and one can observe "warihagi" (technique for carving spaces) being performed for the "uchiguri" (technique for hollowing out) on the front and back. On its surface, one can observe vividly-colored patterns, such as "hosogemon" (patterns forming precious flower petals). Based on the form of the "tenkandai" (decorative band around the head) and the armor, it can be assumed it was built sometime from the latter half of the 11th Century to the early 12th Century.

Designated Section

Designated cultural property of Kagawa Prefecture


Wooden statue: 155.0cm in height


Heian Period


Zentsu-ji Treasure Hall, 3-3-1 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture