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Around Zentsuji City

Zentsuji City Tourism Exchange Center (former Sushiden restaurant building)

zentsujishikankokoryusenta kyusushidentempo


It is originally a building of Sushiden, traditional Japanese-style restaurant, in the early Showa period. A two-story wooden building with a waiting room for visitors’ servants. With elaborately designed transoms in each room and handrails on the verandas, this building has the strong characteristic of the elegant structures of restaurants in the Showa period. It is designated as a cultural property of Zentsuji city and is used as a place to receive tourists and pilgrims, and the facility for citizens to interact with each other. You can have a glimpse of the five-storied pagoda of Zentsu-ji Temple from the former entrance facing the street.

Designated Section

Designated cultural property of Zentsu-ji city




2-8-23 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture