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Mandara-ji Temple

Main Hall



This is the Main Hall. This edifice is used to store a statue of Vairocana, which is the Honzon for Mandara-ji, and it was established in 1896. The "koryo" (rainbow beams) that are suspended on the "kohai" (step canopy) have been carved with images of Western children wearing ruffed collars, and it is notable that this traditional temple architecture is accentuated with such modern, Western-style influences. Based on such things as the inscriptions on its pedestal, it is known that this statue of Vairocana, which assumes a "chiken-in" hand gesture was built by the Buddhist image sculptor Kunai Hokkyo of Osaka in 1703. Additionally, a standing statue of Fudo Myo-o and a standing statue of Vaisravana are also stored at both sides of this statue.

Designated Section



Meiji Period; Meiji 29 (1896)


1380-1 Yoshiwara-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture