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Konzou-ji Temple

Tomb of Sankai Naigubu (one of the positions of monks)



While Matsudaira Yorishige ruled Takamatsu Domain as the first feudal load there, Konzou-ji Temple did not have any priests for a long time, as it had lost its Garan complex (temple buildings) due to a fire in the war. Lord Yorishige was concerned with this and asked advice to a Tendai sect monk, Kirakuin Sankai with whom Yorishige was acquainted. Yoshirige then made a Shingon sect monk, Ryo-o, convert to a Tendai sect monk. In 1651 (Keian 4), temples and halls were rebuilt, and Konzou-ji Temple was reconstructed. Kirakuin Sankai was praised as the restorer of Konzou-ji Temple, and his grave was built in the south of the Soshido Hall in accordance with his will.

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1160 Konzouji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture