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Zentsu-ji Tanjo-in Birthplace Complex (West Temple)

Tiered Pagoda on the West Side of the Mieido Image Hall



This is the Tiered Pagoda on the west side of the Mieido Image Hall; it is a designated cultural property of Zentsuji city. According to the “Nankai Ruroki” (Writings of wanderings around the southern sea) written by the Kamakura period Buddhist priest Dohan, there was a seven-tiered stone tower in this area where the Tanjo-in Birth Complex would later be built; this tower here today could be the tower Dohan wrote about. The braided carvings under the eaves of the roof appear to be in the style of ancient stone towers. Considering the long history of Zentsu-ji since the Tanjo-in Birth Complex was built, this stone tower is an extremely precious artefact.

Designated Section

Designated cultural property of Zentsu-ji city



Heian Period


3-3-1 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture