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Zentsu-ji Tanjo-in Birthplace Complex (West Temple)

Illustration of the Zentsu-ji Garan Complex



This is an Illustration of the Zentsu-ji Garan Complex; it is an important cultural property. This illustration shows the temple grounds around Zentsu-ji, with detailed drawings of the Arioka Great Pond, irrigation channel and other areas. A note brushed on it indicate this illustration was created in 1307, possibly as a document for use in repairing the irrigation channel or in a dispute over irrigation, etc. It is an extremely valuable artefact that also depicts the actual scenery of Zentsu-ji and its surrounds during the Kamakura period.

Designated Section

Important cultural property


Document written in monochrome ink: dimensions 80.0cm in length x 159.0cm in width


Kamakura Period; Tokuji 2 (1307)


Zentsu-ji Treasure Hall, 3-3-1 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture